Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

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Can you recover deleted files?

In most cases, we can recover recently deleted files, or even files from formatted hard drives. If you have recently deleted a file, the best course of action is to stop using the drive immediately and call us immediately. Writing new data to the hard drive decreases the chances that a deleted file can be recovered. Depending on the circumstances, some deleted files may only be partially recoverable. For example, some image files may only be able to recover portions of the image, and not the complete image. 

What if you can't recover my data?

We can recover data in 85% of cases in house. If your hard drive spins, then most likely we can get data off the drive. If the drive is damaged or no longer spins, then data recovery may be more difficult. In these cases, we can send the drive to our specialized data recovery partner for a free quote. Typically if a drive has to go beyond us, the data recovery fee ranges from $499 to $3700. 

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Apple / Mac Data Recovery Service

We Can Recover Macs too!

Recovering deleted files is that when a file is deleted in OSX, it deletes the file name or folder name. Therefore, it makes it impossible to retrieve data by filename, and therefore we can recover data by file type. For example, we can recover deleted files with .doc, .jpg, .gif, .mpg, etc...but not by the name children.jpg. If you're looking for a specific deleted file, we can establish a remote connection with one of our data recovery machines for you to identify the data you would like recovered.

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