Residential. Virus and Spyware Removal

Whether your PC has been infected with a virus, or you want to ensure that you're completely protected against viruses, we can help.

We have a full range of tools designed to completely clean viruses from infected machines and repairing corrupted files. We also offer a number of different software programs designed to protect either a single computer or an entire home from virus threats. 

Wireless Networking

Whether you are interested in having a wireless router installed in your home, hook up a few more computers, or you want to save money on your home phone bill by switching to voice over IP technologies, AndersonPC has a 'state of the art' solution for you; packed with recommendations, pricing options, and thorough location testing. AndersonPC is driven to finding the best solutions for your home at the best cost possible. 

Remote Computer Support

Remote Support is available for all of your technology needs, including virus and spyware removal, Microsoft Office assistance, and more. Be very cautious if you receive unsolicited phone call or email requests to access your computer. Join support sessions with people you recognize and trust. AndersonPC will NEVER contact clients at random to connect to their machines.

Call us now to setup a remote support session.

Computer Consulting and Tutoring

AndersonPC offers tutoring for all levels of computer users. We provide tutoring in computer hardware, video editing, and graphic design. We also offer tutoring for all levels of casual computer users. Whether you're a complete beginner to computing, or you just need to learn a bit more about an application (including word processing, video editing, CD/DVD burning, and audio editing), our professional staff will help you learn to meet your own technology needs. 


Is your computer slower than ever? Our technicians will optimize your computer using state-of-the-art technology and software methods. 

Audio and Video Installation

Whether you would like sound throughout your whole home, need a new TV installed, or would like to enquire about an in-home theater, call us today to get the job done right! Our technicians are experienced in every aspect of the Audio and Visual industry. We also install game consoles. We will hook up and sync up your PlayStation, Xbox, or WII. 

Custom and Refurbished Computers

Do you do a lot of serious gaming? Do you just want to stand out? We have the resources to come up with virtually anything you can imagine in your computer. Whether you need it blazing fast, or you need it to have a lot of hard drive space; AndersonPC can make it happen. AndersonPC is a Microsoft Registered Re-furbisher.